Turnstile Vario.Gate

Faster, more secure access reader

The latest generation of Vario.Gate turnstiles and access readers makes people access control easy, flexible and fast. Regardless of ticket or type of data carrier – the Vario.Gate turnstile checks every barcode ticket and every RDIF access card for access permission via one single scanning point.

Choose the innovative, flexible and future-proof access control – Vario.Gate turnstile and access reader by SKIDATA.


Very easy

  • You can use RFID, Print@Home or barcode tickets, tall, wide or short, they can all be read at the same point.
  • Stadiums, convention centers, amusement parks or general people access - Vario.Gate turnstile and access reader works perfectly and reliably anywhere.

Lower your costs

  • Future-proof: The Vario.Gate turnstile is ideally equipped for future technologies.
  • Low-maintenance design: standard service activities can be carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Retool without a problem: simply continue using existing SKIDATA turnstiles or choose a combined mode with existing SKIDATA access readers.

Complete Ease of Use

  • Different tickets - one scanning point - it's as easy as that.
  • No more waiting in lines: wait times are reduced with intuitive user guidance.

Increase sales – strengthen your brand

  • The Vario.Gate turnstile and access reader reliably detects invalid tickets and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Use the new display as a dynamic advertising platform.
  • The entrance is your company's calling card: Vario.Gate is also available in your corporate colors. We would be happy to consult with you.
  • Free up your personnel in the access area: your staff will have more time for service and individual advice - because satisfied customers are returning customers.

Reliable and secure

  • The turnstile system Vario.Gate can also be operated offline: you'll be ready for any eventuality and you will save your nerves.
  • Tested accuracy: all components used have been tested for safety and reliability under the widest range of environments.


  • Touch Pad: This option offers the perfect support for optimal customer service and for a convenient operation and monitoring of entries. Real-time information, freely definable assignment of keys, as well as the display of reference photos are only a few of the functions that our touch pad offers.
  • Turnstile Adapter: The ideal solution for optimal alignment and operation of Vario.Gate.
  • Operator Light: The perfect addition for Vario.Gate optimizes the control of visitor flows and signals the operating state of your access system.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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