Turnstile Flex.Gate ‘Refit’ Events

Upgrade for current systems

Upgrade your existing system modularly and bring your people access up to the cutting edge of technology, while continuing to use your existing hardware. Behind the new Flex.Gate ‘Refit’ Events hides a modular, upgradable system for your people access. It is easy to adapt to your needs and ready for all new ticket generations.

With the Flex.Gate ‘Refit’ Events upgrade your current generation of readers quickly and easily: including display, barcode support, as well as camera to prevent fraud.


Easy and quick upgrades

  • Keep the existing base hardware and mechanical components and upgrade your access readers with just the necessary individual components. In this way you bring your existing system up to the cutting edge of technology quickly and easily while enjoying cost advantages.

Ready for the future

  • Even today, be ready for modern and forwardlooking ticket generations, such as NFC, Mobile-Ticketing, Print@Home, and more. Optionally, the display can be configured as a touch screen to allow for customer input.

Modular functional expansion

  • Create your access readers tailored to your needs. A variety of functions can be modularly integrated. The Flex.Gate regulates the safe access in stadiums, as well as in amusement parks, trade fairs and mountain destinations.

Customer comfort meets design

  • Design your readers in your corporate colors and emphasize them right at the entrance. Your customers enjoy maximum access convenience thanks to the ergonomic design.


  • Touch Pad: This option offers the perfect support for optimal customer service and for a convenient operation and monitoring of entries. Real-time information, freely definable assignment of keys, as well as the display of reference photos are only a few of the functions that our touch pad offers.
  • Turnstile Adapter: The ideal solution for optimal alignment and operation of Flex.Gate.
  • Operator Light: The perfect addition for Flex.Gate optimizes the control of visitor flows and signals the operating state of your access system.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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