Our Departments at a Glance

We offer exciting challenges and open positions in various departments. In order to give you a better insight you can find here a description of our departments at a glance.

Hard & Software Development

SKIDATA’s department of Hardware & Software Development is the place where innovative systems solutions for the global market of access management are developed. It focuses particularly on the development of access solutions in the area of People and Car Access as well as on centrally hosted Online Services.

Customer-specific solutions are developed in our “Competence Center.” The basis for SKIDATA’s success is research and development with a finger on the pulse of the time.

As Reinhard Surkau, head of the department for Hardware Development, has put it: “We constantly keep an eye on the latest technological trends and work together with international partner companies to develop overall systems that define the market. This provides our clients with steadily increasing and more user friendly identification and interaction opportunities.”

Test & be tested

Wolfgang has been with us since 1995 and for the past 14 years has been responsible for the area of test equipment construction. Here our products are tested according to various criteria, ensuring that they are ready for use around the world. An apprentice master since the start, he has trained an impressive number of dedicated young technicians who today work for us in various areas of Development or in Service Management. During training, he prepares our apprentices for their final exams with established in-house "apprentice learning" and preparatory classes for exams in the areas of electronics and mechatronics. With the motto "an apprenticeship – very smart", Wolfgang dedicates himself to the development of our skilled workers with great personal commitment. And the success speaks for itself: recently Pascal, one of Wolfgang's apprentices in test equipment construction, even won the Austrian Economic Chamber's electronics championships.

For Hannes it’s more than just 0s and 1s that count...

Hannes has everything under control – his two children, the software team he leads and a teaching assignment at a university of applied sciences. Since 2007 he has been part of our software development team and has led his own team for the past three years. Every day he finds a challenge at the interface between hardware and software. “The great thing about my work is that changes in abstract software approaches can be seen in the hardware – technology you can grasp, so to speak,” explains Hannes. He remains in contact with the university of applied sciences at which he studied Informatics and ITS. Today he lectures on the subjects “Object-oriented Programming” and “Adaptive Software Development” and advises students who are writing their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in his faculty.

Man of the race…Jürgen Winkler

In 1995 Jürgen began working in the events area of software development and currently supervises client-specific solutions in the Software Competence Center. His specialty is software design: recently he played a major role in determining the software architecture for the "EasyBoarding.Gate", the innovative, fully automated system for safe and comfortable access to cable cars. For Jürgen it is always a special moment when the developed solutions are successfully put to use by the client. But it’s not just here that he finds great solutions. Even in his private life he shines with TOP achievements! Since the 1990s he has raced karts in all weather conditions and knows the racetracks in Austria, Germany and other neighboring countries like the back of his hand. Although the 3-time Austrian champion has not participated in championship races since 2013, he still enjoys racing for fun and strengthens our SKIDATA team at the Chamber of Labor’s company championships.

Children and Career

“My love of math, logical reasoning and analytics is what led me to computer sciences. In particular, the inquisitive and innovation-loving people you can encounter in the computer science world form the basis for my motivation.” During her studies, Helga was able to put her theoretical knowledge to practical use. It was at SKIDATA that she really got started: after just a year in product management she took over the leadership of the quality assurance team in Klagenfurt and leads a team of 12 people at various locations in Europe. Together with her team, she develops efficient product and integration tests to put cloud systems through their paces. In her job she always looks beyond departmental boundaries and can therefore contribute plenty to process improvements. “When you are excited about a new idea and can persuade others about it too, you can succeed in implementing your vision,” says Helga about her tasks at SKIDATA.

Organizational strength is undoubtedly in her blood and so she is able to handle both her career and private life very well. Together with her family, she lives on a farm with Haflinger horses and cattle and even has a bit of time to enjoy playing volleyball and the violin.

The greatest happiness on earth can be found on horseback…

is what our Sabrina thinks when she spends time jumping with her horses Grandios and Champ. She is passionate about spending her free time with them and at work she is a passionate software developer.

Her interest in software was piqued during her IT “taster” studies. This then led her to the decision to study the subject at the Technical University of Dortmund. After graduating, the native Westphalian began her career at SKIDATA in Salzburg. Ready for a challenge in a new country, she came to Salzburg because of the position.

Today she feels right at home here and enjoys the high value in terms of free time. Sabrina has since strengthened our “handshake team” which ensures flawless and safe access at sporting events or concerts at stadiums. Additionally, her team creates innovative access solutions for events.

“When I started at SKIDATA, I never would have thought that the development cycles could be so short – this means it is always exciting and rich in variety here,” says Sabrina with a laugh.

From boat-builder to Head of Software Development Salzburg

Did you know that in his free time Wolfgang is building an ocean-going catamaran? Precision is a must in this task and it perfectly offsets his work with 0s and 1s, as well as bits and bytes.

After completing his studies at a Higher Technical Institute in 1985, Wolfgang gained experience as a software developer in food service and banking before joining SKIDATA in 2008. The following year he took over responsibility for one of our software development teams and since 2012 he has led the software development department in Salzburg with great commitment.

With his strong team of around 45 developers, he makes a valuable contribution to product development each and every day. “An exciting task for me is to, together with my team, keep our existing products state-of-the-art while at the same time developing new, forward-looking products.”

Always Ready for Changes and New Challenges

Explaining complicated technical connections in an intelligible way, designing complex software so that users can use it intuitively and without stress: challenges like these have defined Andreas’ various tasks at SKIDATA for 27 years.

In the area of “Documentation and Training,” the classic relay of user knowledge through the creation of technical literature and personal customer workshops was the main focus. As a web developer, Andreas developed SKIDATA’s internet performance and intranet portal, as well as web portals for information exchange within our international network of partners. He passed on his wide range of expertise in this area to his apprentice, Sarah. She has since taken over this assignment independently.

As part of his new challenge as “User Experience and Interface Designer,” Andreas is today working on meeting our customers’ and system users’ expectations for easy-to-use products with clear graphic user interfaces. Andreas has been part of our team since 1987 and is a great example for the diverse range of developmental opportunities at SKIDATA. Thanks to his flexibility and commitment, he has been able to take on and master new challenges during the course of his career.

In the fast lane…

Rupert has been part of the SKIDATA team since 2006. He completed his information technology and system management studies at lightning speed and, since 2010, has been leader of the hardware quality assurance area. He likes when things go at a brisk pace – in his free time, he is a passionate kart driver and is always at the head of the pack on the SKIDATA go-kart team. In order to extend his expertise, Rupert is studying business management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in addition to working. The combination of technology and management will prepare him for possible new tasks at the company. He also happily joins us at career fairs, where he holds presentations or talks to young talent at our booth to get them into the SKIDATA spirit.

Finance, Administration & Supply-Chain-Management

Our department of Finance & Administration rounds off our entire organization and is subdivided into the areas of Accounting, Controlling, Human Resources, and Legal. The staff is particularly valued as internal consultants of our worldwide specialists and leaders, as well as of our executive board—and not only in matters of numbers, dates, and facts.

Within the operative sphere, the main focus lies on customer orientation. The Supply Chain Management Team is in charge of getting the products and goods at the right time to the right place. It looks after everything that is needed along the supply chain.

Founder's mentality in red, white and blue

Willem-Jan has been part of the Dutch SKIDATA subsidiary since it opened in 1993. The former Sales Manager is now Managing Director for Northern Europe and well-liked and respected by customers, staff and colleagues around the world. Incredible projects such as Airport Schiphol with 40,000 parking spots or the FC Twente require a winner's mentality throughout the entire team. "The market is highly competitive – we score points in The Netherlands and Belgium with high customer focus and passion for our products. Our long-standing customers appreciate our support and professional way of dealing with all kinds of demands. There is no such thing as 'can't' here and it should stay that way,” explains Willem-Jan. When he is not working, he spends as much time on his bike as he can and in summer he enjoys spending weekends on his boat.

Moving on to a new chapter in life

We are saying farewell to one of our very first employees. For the past 34 years – from
the first cash register for ski resorts to the latest online solutions – he has stayed true to
SKIDATA. From the very beginning, he has dedicated himself to supply chain management. As the Logistics team leader since 1994, he has eagerly passed on his know-how to his younger colleagues. Ludwig is someone you can always count on and who can somehow make the impossible possible. If you want to hear anecdotes about SKIDATA’s early years, he’s your source. We wish him all the best for this new chapter of his life! And if he should ever get bored pursuing his various hobbies such as motorcycling, fishing or building wooden toys, we’re more than happy to have him pay us a visit.

A Strong Part of the Supply Chain

Since 2012, we have been pleased to call Martin our Head of Supply Chain Management in the SKIDATA team. After several years of professional experience, the native Bavarian and self-proclaimed mountain man followed his desire for change southward. “It was always my goal to take on responsibility at a medium-scale enterprise like SKIDATA, and for me, Supply Chain management is one of the most exciting fields in business. With a focus on purchasing, order processing, logistics and facility management, it’s a kind of hub with many internal and external points of intersection. A wide range of operative tasks, but also strategic topics, make every day interesting and one gains very good insight into the company.” He has been in the operative business for 20 years. Team spirit, the self-reliance of his co-workers, intercultural understanding, and the occasional casual conversation with colleagues are especially important to him.

Pizza, Pasta e lavoro

… this wasn’t exactly what Maria expected after finishing her studies in business education and economics, but perhaps it was what she was hoping for. In 2010, she began working at SKIDATA as a controller in our Group Controlling & Risk Management team. Since March of this year she has supported our Italian subsidiary in Bologna with her years of controlling and knowledge transfer expertise, and in return has been enriched with exciting overseas experience. Her Business Administration students at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences are looking forward to her professional input on the topic of cost calculations, as well as information about the do’s and don’ts of working abroad.

Service Management

The SKIDATA service team is an important interface for our clients, partners, and employees within the international service environment. It offers important support for the technical maintenance of our systems. The range of work includes traveling to clients in order to help install new systems or to offer maintenance of previously installed systems, as well as offering remote servicing and overseeing the Support Hotline. Our service technicians ensure that our clients have no hassles when installing SKIDATA systems.

Our Service Logistics department takes care of possible repair needs. It operates internationally and emphasizes the reutilization and durability of our products, thus saving the environment and reducing costs.

To ensure that our employees are always up to speed in regard to technology and are experts in their field, the department of Training & Documentation offers professional training. Technical training of SKIDATA clients also falls under this department.

Excellent service makes the difference

Bernhard joined our service team as a product manager in mid-2012. His credo: “Know and don’t guess what customer’s wishes are and provide the best service – this is how I make a difference in ensuring the company’s further success.” He has already introduced a standardized service agreement for the company’s sales and market organizations, the SKIDATA.Care Pack, and successfully rolled it out across the globe.

Bernhard is enjoying the professional global expansion process within the service organization and the opportunities it offers for him to make his mark. While he covers a lot of miles for his job, such an international challenge is what he asked for when he was hired. To escape the stresses of this work, he spends his free time with his team of hobby cyclists and mountain-bike racing across the Alps.

Ulrike’s message is one of world-wide knowledge transfer

For the past 20 years Ulrike has been working for SKIDATA in the area of training, documentation and project management. As a graduate management trainer, she shares her expert technical knowledge with everyone. With her luggage full of SKIDATA’s stadium products, she travels around the world – from Indian cricket stadiums to South African soccer stadiums.

Ulrike loves technology and contact with other people, as well as foreign countries and the challenges that come with them. In addition to colorful stories and anecdotes, her travels provide her with experience in dealing with technical challenges in an international setting. Since September 2015 Ulrike has been responsible for the entire portfolio of product training. Additionally, she manages the global SKIDATA training strategy in order to best equip our staff for their future tasks.

Puszta, paprika & Balaton … Imre Harangozo

When it comes to his home country, Imre knows a few good jokes as well as plenty of interesting stories! Born in Hungary, he has been a senior member of our Technical Support team since April 2007. He has expanded his resume while working on many projects all over the world – some of us still remember his "Soccer-WM-Angola" project presentation when we all learned that you can be successful even under the toughest conditions. Today, he serves as mentor to the junior members of our Technical Support team as well. We are proud to have him on our team – and he proves that sometimes age really is just a number.

Hosting Center & IT

The SKIDATA Hosting Center makes sure all our systems run smoothly—worldwide and around the clock. In addition, it offers support for the development of the hosted Online Services and gives technical support.

To guarantee this support on a technical level is one of the jobs of the IT department. Core areas are conception and integration. By running and further developing efficient solutions as well as coordinating and controlling outsourced IT services, our network specialists ensure a smooth workflow among clients and staff.

Unafraid of servers & networks...

is Heimo and his team at our Hosting and SaaS (Software as a Service) Center. He and his team are responsible for the IT service provision at SKIDATA – from consulting, conception to the integration of IT solutions. Heimo started out in the technical support department in 1997 and knows the business areas Mountains, Events & Parking Management like the back of his hand. His career steps at SKIDATA have also been continuously accompanied by specialized as well personal trainings. As of October 1st 2011, he took over the Network & Service Architecture department in order to purposefully strengthen this business area at SKIDATA with his expertise.

Sales & Marketing

The department of Sales & Marketing functions as the central hub for the distribution and marketing of our entire range of products. This is the place where international markets are being analyzed, marketing strategies are being developed, and the positioning in the market is being defined.

In the next step, the department works on communication methods and marketing them on different platforms. The sales team takes care of specialized solutions that orient themselves to the needs of our international clients and state-of-the-art technology. Customized solutions are being developed in accordance with the demands of the client.

One event after the next...Sabine Wiltsche

For more than 10 years Sabine has strengthened our marketing team and since 2008 she has been responsible for the area of event management. Each year she organizes up to 40 trade shows and events around the world. Creativity, detailed planning and organizational talent characterize Sabine in everything from the conception, promotion, newsletters and contests to her appearances at trade shows. The smooth execution of the Interalpin and Intertraffic, SKIDATA’s most important trade shows, is a testament to her success. But event planning also requires teamwork: she has the support of a solid marketing team when carrying out planned activities and other departments are closely involved with large events, too. Sabine is not just a team player at SKIDATA, but also on the soccer field: “I have been on a soccer team since 2000 – for me, sports are a great way to balance out work.”

No matter if it’s online or off-site, folder or flyer Sabine Hölzl

Sabine, our head of marketing, always puts SKIDATA and their innovative approaches in the right light. Since 2008 she has led our Marketing & Communications department whose small yet powerful team is responsible for all external and internal communication around the world. Training and development are very important to her in order to always be on the ball. Sabine has been with SKIDATA for 24 years and is still full of energy.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is his focus Herbert Griesser

Herbert has been leading project teams from storming to performing since February 2001. Whether he is dealing with co-workers, partners, suppliers or clients – access management and destination management project work in professional services is always a success thanks to consistent teamwork. He is a certified senior project manager (IPMA Level B). Herbert holds multi-day workshops that prepare juniors for the challenges of project management and show seniors the finishing touches to successfully complete international projects, regardless of size or budget. Structure, method, transparency and social skills are especially important to Herbert.

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