Johan Tol, Director Interparking about SKIDATA

Johan Tol (Director Interparking Netherlands)"Our partner is SKIDATA and they helped us very much do­ing the dev­el­op­­ment of the equip­­ment to make this project very successful." 

M.M. Martin van Duijn, Manager Operations Spaarnelanden about SKIDATA

M.M. Martin van Duijn (Manager Operations Spaarnelanden)"We are very proud that we did it and we did it with our partner - our partner SKIDATA."

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Parking Solutions for Cities and Municipalities

Overarching Parking Space City Solutions

More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities now – and daily commuters and city visitors have to be added to this number. In the urban mobility sector, parking plays an important role – whether parking at work, at home, in the city center or at the outskirts. Make parking a part of the city life and connect flowing traffic with stationary traffic.

SKIDATA offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for overarching parking space city solutions. Web-based applications for access controls and customer management (such as for retail, residents and employees) as well as Park & Ride concepts for commuters turn the city into an inviting space.

Integrated car park management for smart city solutions

SKIDATA Solution

Flexible City Solutions by SKIDATA

  • Attractive online solutions, adapted to the requirements of various customer groups, e.g. apartment parking, corporate and company parking
  • Simple interconnection of resident parking spaces, Park & Ride and inner-city parking facilities with City Card services
  • Only one or few tickets for a variety of services (e.g. long-range keytag for parking and a City Card for the use of public transport and public facilities)
  • Customer management via any chosen e-commerce platform: such as B2B for business customers and B2C for end consumer self-service
  • Integration of existing infrastructure such as roller doors
  • Linking of intelligent parking guidance systems
  • Parking garage information right on the customer’s GPS device (e.g. availability of parking spaces and of electric battery charging columns
  • Transparent analysis and valuable information about your customers

Experience Infinite Freedom with SKIDATA’s City Solutions.


Find here all information about SKIDATA´s traffic control systems and parking solutions for cities and municipalities.

Flyer Cities and Municipalities

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Parking Merced (Chile)


  • A high-end, reliable solution, with a special focus on design and functionality
  • APMs with the option to pay with credit card
  • A future-ready, upgradable system 

    Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    • Concept for on-street and off-street parking.
    • Initiative to reduce the number of residents parking their vehicles on the streets.
    • Solution consist of offering residents a defined time window during which they can park in the parking garages located in the city.

    Brunn am Gebirge (Austria)


    • Initiated by a program that involved the local population, the locals arranged for a parking garage to be built.
    • Option to pay by credit card at the automated payment machine with online-clearing.

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    Parksafe Franklin (Hungary)


    • Mechanical parking system – A pallet solution creates parking with minimal space behind landmarked facades.
    • Identification of license plate – All license plate numbers are filmed upon entry, matched to the ticket, and stored by the software application. Vehicles are thus identifiable without a ticket.

    Extract of our references


    • Schlesingerplatz


    • Antwerp
    • Ath
    • Gent
    • Kortrijk
    • Louvain-La-Neuve
    • Mons
    • Namur
    • Park & Ride
    • Stad Roeselare


    • Rovinj


    • Champs Elysées - Paris
    • Courbevoie
    • Le Louvre Paris
    • Nancy
    • Nice
    • Reims
    • Valence


    • Bremen
    • Münster
    • Parksafe Franklin
    • Parksafe Franklin
    • Waiblingen


    • Alassio
    • Ancona
    • Ascoli Piceno
    • Assisi
    • Bergamo
    • Bologna
    • Bolzano
    • Bormio
    • Brescia
    • Brunico
    • Cagliari
    • Carrara
    • Chiavari
    • Como
    • Cremona
    • Cuneo
    • Florence
    • Folgarida
    • Formia
    • Genoa
    • Jesolo
    • La Spezia
    • Lecco
    • Legnano
    • Livorno
    • Mantova
    • Mestre
    • Milan
    • Moncalieri
    • Monza
    • Naples
    • Ortisei
    • Orvieto
    • Palermo
    • Parma
    • Pesaro
    • Piano di Sorrento NA
    • Pisa
    • Pompeii
    • Portofino
    • Rapallo
    • Reggio Emilia
    • Riccione
    • Rieti
    • Rimini
    • Rome
    • Salerno
    • San Gimignano
    • Sassari
    • Savona
    • Sorrento
    • Taormina
    • Terni
    • Trento
    • Trieste
    • Turin
    • Udine
    • Venice
    • Verona
    • Vicenza


    • Corporativo Liverpool Santa Fé
    • Oficinas en el Parque


    • BKS Scheveningen
    • Gemeente Almelo
    • Gemeente Amsterdam
    • Gemeente Groningen
    • Gemeente Haarlem
    • Gemeente Rotterdam
    • More than 80 P+R throughout NL
    • Parking Delft


    • City Parking Zürich

    United Arab Emirates

    • Road Traffic Authority Dubai

    United States

    • Beverly Hills
    • Covington, KY
    • Minneapolis
    • Rochester, MN
    • Santa Monica
    • St. Louis, MO
    • Wilshire-Vermont - Los Angeles

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