Vario.Gate - "Access Management: Faster, Safer, Easier."

SKIDATA Vario.Gate: Faster, more efficient human access with easy to use ticket scanner.

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Access Management: Faster, Safer, Easier.

SKIDATA Vario.Gate: Faster, more efficient human access
with easy to use ticket scanner

Stadiums, trade shows, amusement parks – intelligent, state-of-the-art
access management not only provides fast and efficient access without
the long lines. It also forms the basis for increased throughput, higher
sales and profits, and innovative business ideas. SKIDATA provides extra
flexible solutions for access management with its Vario.Gate system.

Salzburg – January 21st, 2010 – SKIDATA, a global leader in access management
solutions, offers clients an extra versatile entry control system with Vario.
Gate. The intelligent scanning device accepts and checks tickets in RFID,
Print@Home and barcode formats at a single scanning point. Ticketholders no
longer have to search for the right scanner – there is only one scan point – and
they can enter the site with ease. This enables operators to sell tickets in a variety
of formats. Regardless of whether tickets are printed at home, purchased at a
ticket window, downloaded to cell phone, clipped from a newspaper or are presented
as data media, Vario.Gate accepts all sizes and formats at a single scanning
point. And regardless of whether internet or ticket window, Vario.Gate can
handle it.

Vario.Gate works seamlessly with a variety of turnstiles and full-length turnstile
gates, independent of manufacturer. It enables you to manage access to expos,
concerts, sporting events and amusement parks.

In addition, SKIDATA has equipped the Vario.Gate device with a large display,
which can be used to provide access notifications or advertising content. In case
of emergencies, Vario.Gate can release the turnstile on command to allow unimpeded
access or egress.

Accelerate Access, Reduce Costs

Urs Grimm, SKIDATA board member, states: "Vario.Gate is suited for all sites
that require controlled human access. Its technology, which provides a single
scanning point, considerably minimizes wait times and provides maximum security
and flexibility. With proper tickets, fast access is guaranteed, and efforts to
sneak in are effectively eliminated. The scanner supports working offline and
does its job reliably without connection to a computer."

With fast and accurate ticket recognition and clearly displayed information, Vario.
Gate helps reduce ticket abuse. Not only can it add to your bottom line, it also
reduces costs as a result of its technical flexibility: Upgrading and refitting the
system is easy and cost-effective. Another benefit is that you can convert from
the legacy devices to Vario.Gate on an individual basis, since our unit is well suited
to working in combined mode.

Vario.Gate has been designed to support future technology such the cell phone
as data media or new types of chips, and is therefore a sound long-term investment.

Access Management with SKIDATA Vario.Gate – Faster, Safer, Easier!

Details about SKIDATA Vario.Gate are available from SKIDATA and online at


SKIDATA Group is a global leader in access solutions and their efficient management.
With more than 6,000 installations worldwide, SKIDATA provides ski resorts,
shopping malls, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade
shows and amusement parks with secure and reliable access solutions for people
and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in offering solutions that are intuitive,
easy to operate and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help
clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group
( is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group
(, a market leader in digital security solutions.

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