Ski Resorts: Get a Grip on Your Technology Landscape (Operator.Services)

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Ski Resorts: Get a Grip on Your Technology Landscape

SKIDATA Operator.Services for Outstanding Management

Winter sports enthusiasts are always pleased by more automated and
flexible access systems – according to the motto stop waiting and start
skiing. For operators, this service can involve a lot of work in terms of
monitoring, system control and maintenance. With Operator.Services,
SKIDATA Group provides its clients with the right tool for keeping an
overview and responding promptly with the right solution

Salzburg – February, 2010 – SKIDATA, a leading global supplier of access
management solutions, enables its clients to efficiently monitor access systems
throughout their ski resort. With the new tool, Operator.Services, equipment,
applications and, if necessary, third-party systems in the entire area can be
monitored centrally. This provides facilities staff with a better overview and
enables them to respond quickly and effectively in case of any problems. In a
normal situation, staff will be able to respond before a problem arises.
Operator.Services is part of a series of new offerings for Hosted Business
Services of SKIDATA Group.

Keep an Overview of the Ski Resort

Operator.Services provides service staff with comprehensive information about
all the different systems in a client's network. The service checks the status of all
networked devices and provides useful analyses. The operating staff can
immediately detect where something needs to be done. Is a scanner offline? Is a
ticket vending machine low on change? Are tickets running short or is service
due soon? Service personnel will know what to do even before the problem

Operator.Services enables operators to deploy their service engineers in an
efficient and cost effective manner. It also markedly improves the quality of
service. With workflow management together with service level agreements,
technical problems are escalated automatically. If an error occurs, the relevant
service engineer is notified. If no response is obtained, Operator.Services
automatically notifies the next level.

Urs Grimm, SKIDATA board member, states: "Operator.Services provides
facilities operators with a comprehensive tool for monitoring their systems. It not
only works with SKIDATA products but also communicates with third-party
devices. For instance, a snow making machine can be integrated easily."

Operator.Services is also very useful in case of maintenance activities, as it
makes available all the most important information for each system. As a result,
service personnel always know which software version is running. In case of
technical questions for support, the most important information is available
centrally. It also allows updates to be downloaded more quickly.

The Perfect Combination to Build on Success

SKIDATA Operator.Services is one element in a finely tuned suite of tools and it
is also available for other industries such as parking facility management. Ski lift
operators can thus monitor, control and manage their full technology landscape
more efficiently – from parking to gates and their own equipment.

With Hosted Business Services from SKIDATA, there is no need to build your own
infrastructure. Databases and services are stored on SKIDATA servers. This
allows you to securely store essential operating data outside the company
premises. The result is more efficient use of personnel with no additional
investment costs.

SKIDATA Operator.Services – Get a Grip on Your Technology Landscape


SKIDATA Group is a global leader in access solutions and their efficient management.
With more than 6,000 installations worldwide, SKIDATA provides ski resorts,
shopping malls, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade
shows and amusement parks with secure and reliable access solutions for people
and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in offering solutions that are intuitive,
easy to operate and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help
clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group
( is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group
(, a market leader in digital security solutions.

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