pay-per-use: Building Client Loyalty

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Ticketing: Building Client Loyalty

SKIDATA "pay-per-use" for Flexible Transactions

Ski resorts or tourist destinations: The more options you can give customers, the
more they will take advantage of your offerings and the more they will like to come,
which means more revenue and stronger customer loyalty. SKIDATA provides new
options for clients to generate revenue and build customer loyalty with its "pay-peruse"

Salzburg – February, 2010 – SKIDATA, a leading global supplier of access management
solutions, is providing its clients with a new tool for building client loyalty: pay-per-use.
Tickets for whole or half days are often too expensive for customers because they are not
used entirely. For instance, if you want to ski a few hours during lunch, you don't want a halfday
pass. Or, if you're not sure how the weather will be in the afternoon, you simply won't go
skiing or, at least, you won't buy a multi-day ticket for ski vacation. Skiers at resorts that use
SKIDATA's new pay-per-use tickets such as Brandnertal, Kitzbühel and Crans Montana
enjoy other options.

Club Advantage
With pay-per-use, customers get a personalized member card in the shop or when they order
online. Instead of a flat rate for a specific time period, customers pay based on units used.
The operator defines the unit according to minutes, lift rides, etc. Customers enjoy the high
degree of flexibility and customer service. It makes the short ski session or hour at the water
park worthwhile. Operators benefit in many ways. In particular, they obtain valuable data
through the member cards and thus build customer loyalty. For instance, why would
customers use ticket windows when their member card with pay-per-use enables them to
take advantage of special offers, discounts and fast access to their favorite ski resort.

Urs Grimm, SKIDATA board member, states: "Because the card is suited for other revenues,
it can also be used to pay at amusement parks or parking facilities. This boosts cross-selling
opportunities and allows many areas to be converted from inconvenient cash sales to faster
electronic transactions. The more options customers have, the more they'll take advantage of

Customers pay for the units they use and additional services indirectly and automatically via
credit card. Sales are immediately credited to operator accounts, which reduces the workload
on staff at registers and allows more time for customer service. With pay-per-use, operators
can also reach out more actively to customers via newsletters and convenient feedback
opportunities for customers.

Once pay-per-use customers receive a card, they can use it at any time in any of the
designated areas. This enables operators to generate revenues outside the season or via
partnering arrangements. Usage is confirmed via e-mail and automatic, detailed statements
provide customers with an accurate overview of their expenses.

Service by SKIDATA

No additional infrastructure is necessary to use pay-per-use. SKIDATA provides highly
secure databases and applications with its Hosted Services, and supports clients with
accurate billing and customer service. This ensures maximum uptime and optimal
performance without extra effort.

Build Customer Loyalty with SKIDATA Pay-Per-Use Tickets

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SKIDATA Group is a global leader in access solutions and their efficient management. With
more than 6,000 installations worldwide, SKIDATA provides ski resorts, shopping malls,
major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade shows and amusement parks with
secure and reliable access solutions for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in
offering solutions that are intuitive, easy to operate and secure. The integrated concepts of
SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group
( is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group
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