Car Access: Innovative Ideas for Improving Your Business (Hosted Business Services)

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Car Access: Innovative Ideas for Improving Your

SKIDATA clients increase sales with hosted services

SKIDATA Group is supporting its clients with new ideas and offerings:
Sales.Services for better utilization, Operator.Services for automated
workflows, Management.Services for strategic planning and innovative
marketing. Users of SKIDATA solutions consistently increase their sales
and profits through innovative marketing ideas and cost-effective
business management.

Salzburg – February 2010 – SKIDATA, a world-leading access management
provider, is offering three new services that open new perspectives for access
systems. Gates and automated ticket machines become tools that can be
managed and controlled selectively to help your business succeed.
Sales.Services, Operator.Services and Management.Services are the names of
these new tools. Here's an example of how this might work:

Next Generation Parking

With Sales.Services, drivers receive notifications directly on their PC, phone or
navi device. They are provided with an overview of the current parking options in
a specific area, learn about other services that are available such as car washes,
and can book a parking space directly. Regular customers are recognized at the
gate and enjoy access to special services. With Sales.Services, operators can
market parking more actively and on a more targeted basis.

Operator.Services provides the operator’s employees with a complete overview
of all its systems, including those not provided by SKIDATA such as lighting. It
detects potential problems in advance, and can access and control issues
remotely or initiate maintenance activities. This ensures that resources are used
efficiently, and keeps costs transparent and controllable.

“In addition, with Management.Services our clients continually receive data from
the access system directly in the Business Intelligence Tool. They thus benefit
from extensive reports, can analyze data, and use it for targeted marketing
campaigns," states Robert Weiskopf, SKIDATA board member. Open interfaces
ensure that SKIDATA Services are seamlessly integrated in the client’s existing
infrastructure. Targeted marketing activities as well as a complete overview of all
systems and business workflows significantly increase sales.

With Hosted Business Services from SKIDATA, there is no need to build your own
infrastructure. Databases and services can be stored on a specially secured
SKIDATA server. This allows you to securely back up essential operating data
outside the company premises. At SKIDATA, we use our long experience to
provide high security client databases. Robert Weiskopf: "Our clients profit from
our secure servers and neither have to build up their own expensive security
systems nor acquire permanently changing expert knowledge."

The Perfect Combination to Build on Success
The future of state-of-the-art parking garage management has already arrived.
The first SKIDATA clients are using Hosted Business Services – with steadily
growing success. For example, NMBS (Park & Ride at Brussels’ central station) is
supported by SKIDATA Services.

SKIDATA Hosted Business Services: Innovative ideas to boost your sales.


SKIDATA Group is a global leader in access solutions and their efficient
management. With more than 6,000 installations worldwide, SKIDATA provides
ski resorts, shopping malls, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade
shows and amusement parks with secure and reliable access solutions for people
and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in offering solutions that are intuitive,
easy to operate and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help
clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group
( is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group
(, a market leader in digital security solutions.

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