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Salzburg, December 17, 2015. The Salzburg partnership of SKIDATA and Digital Electronics had a good reason to celebrate this week: the 60,000th unit of the current generation of ticketing mechanisms came off the production line. The very first 460-model was produced back in 2005. Just 10 years later, the Austrian technology can be found in more than4 95 countries. The mechanism is responsible for the smooth issuance and acceptance of access tickets and is therefore a key component in all SKIDATA POS, automatic payment machines and parking columns.

Since 1978, during the development of the first ticketing machine, SKIDATA has relied on the quality production of its neighboring company. 37 years later, Digital has proven itself as a trustworthy partner and continues to deliver important components for access columns and automatic payment machines. The 700 ticketing mechanisms produced for SKIDATA each month are installed into products which then go into service in ski resorts and car parks worldwide. With the production of the 60,000th unit of the latest 460-generation of ticketing mechanisms the companies are celebrating the success of their cooperation. 23,256 units of the previous model of ticketing mechanism were already delivered to SKIDATA.

Despite the growth in alternative access media such as mobile phones, credit cards, and web-based ticketing, the mechanism remains one of the core components of access systems. And the quality of the technology is demonstrated through its reusability – with proper maintenance and occasional repairs, the ticketing mechanisms perform well for many years, which increases the operational availability and promotes sustainability.

From a startups to global enterprises
Both Salzburg companies, SKIDATA and Digital, have evolved in their 38 years of existence from innovative start-ups to global enterprises. SKIDATA, with 10,000 installations in over 95 countries, is the worldwide market leader in access management and ticketing solutions. And again this year SKIDATA’s success is reflected in double-digit growth of the company. In order to continue its expansion, SKIDATA is continuously looking for outstanding employees to join the company in all areas.

Photo text: At the celebration a commemorative unit of the 60,000th ticketing mechanism was presented. From left: Angela and Richard Auer (Managing Directors Digital Electronics) Hugo Rohner (CEO SKIDATA), Alexander Vouk (CFO SKIDATA) and Robert Weiskopf (CSO SKIDATA).

SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, shopping centers, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade shows, and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group ( belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (, a leading provider of digital security solutions.

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